Types of Online Banner Ads

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Online marketing has grown considerably to become the leading platform for reaching clients nowadays. When some business owners hear of online advertising, they assume this means opening a page and a website and having their marketing department post something on them from time to time.

They will then wonder why they are not getting the sure profits everyone is talking about. Online marketing is not as easy as a few posts on various social media platforms and websites. You need an expert to assess if social media, website or PPC services are what your Denver-based company will need.

The choice of what online marketing platform will work for your company comprises an evaluation of various metrics vis-à-vis the current needs of your target market. One of the popular online marketing options now is banner ads.

These are display ads designed to attract your target audience for sales generation and branding. Here are the types of banner ads you can use for online marketing.

Flash Banners

These generate an animated and often complex ad that will start as a single background or image then slowly change into something else. The flash used for your banner is a vector-based program, and the advert will thus run more smoothly compared to animated GIFs.

The ad is interactive and will encourage the viewer to ‘’engage’’ with it and click on a specific link. Flash banner ads attract higher CTRs compared to other ads since they involve considerable animation and other special effects that are hard to ignore.

They might nonetheless make your site slow, be overwhelming for the viewers and are often expensive to produce.

Animated GIF Banners

These are created using a GIF file format where a series of frames will be played in sequence. To have the highest impact, animated GIF banners feature a 256-color palette. The critical difference between these banner ads and flash banners are that they need no plugins for viewing, unlike the latter that will require an Adobe flash player.

Animated GIF banners also work on mobile devices, are easy to design and have small file sizes. They are unfortunately not as interactive as flash banners.

Static Banners

These are enclosed in single still frames though they might comprise color-changing or blinking text. The image will, however, not change like in a slide show similar to animated GIF and flash banners. Though not as interactive as other online banner ads, static banners are inexpensive, non-intrusive and straightforward.

Click-Through Banners

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The primary objective of these ads is to establish a personal connection with clients. The standard subtle message sent through click-through banner ads is “visit our website or physical store.” The ads make use of graphics that look like buttons and links to entice viewers to take a specific action.

The best choice from the above banner ads for your site primarily depends on the message you want to send. If for instance, you want to send a simple message, static banner ads might suffice. If however, you want to tell a story or build an identity for your brand, animated GIFs and flash banner ads might be your best choices.

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