Video is the Future of Business Marketing! This is How You Can Do It

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The digital age spawned a million new ways to market every kind of product and service in the market. With the existence of online platforms, businesses can start reaching out to every online user and interacting with them without doing much work. One of the most popular tools out there is the video marketing strategy. This uses creative and informative videos to catch viewers’ attention and encourage them to start meaningful conversations and engagements. This trend is a very effective way of engaging with the public because of the dynamic and powerful visual cues.

Any business trying to get into video advertising to promote their products and services requires thorough planning and preparation to execute well. Here are some tips to guide you through the process.

Do your research.

The very first step is to do your research. Try to find out if video ads are the right thing for your business. Then start studying your competition. Find out the ways they market their business and see if any of them can work for you. Look for your edge and find what you can place in this advertisement that they can’t. Keep in mind that your marketing strategy is meant to provide for the needs of the people, so study your target market and follow the trends they support.

Know what to do with your video.

The next step is planning what to do with the video that you will produce. Video advertisements should be made concerning the specific platform they will be on. Choose where you want to put this video and work around that to fine-tune the different aspects of the video file. Some businesses prefer to use the advert for their in-store LED video walls to encourage people to enter their establishments. In contrast, others will use social media to reach a wider audience. Popular platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the rising site TikTok that the general public frequents. In deciding where to place your advertisement, you get to form your ideas better and more appropriately.


Then, brainstorming comes next. In creating a video advertisement, it is important to have a clear message. Depending on what message you want people to receive, you will start to see the immediate form of your strategy, like whether you make the video funny, short and sweet, or formal in every aspect. This is also where you decide what kind of video it will be. It can be anything from informative, educational, and testimony-filled to cute, cuddly, funny, and plain entertaining. This is where you have to get creative and unique while still stating your message properly.

brainstorming concept

Set a budget.

This step is critical but is usually skipped by many businesses. Setting a strict budget is crucial in starting a video marketing strategy because many tend to overspend production. No matter how fun it can be to produce a video ad, it would be best if you always remembered that you are doing it to gain more income, meaning that it should make way for success and not excessive spending. Setting the budget should include everything from the planning stage to the production stage and the post-production stage. Everything should be accounted for in your budget plan, and you should stick to it as much as possible to avoid losses.

Start the video production process.

Then comes the video production process. Here, it would be best if you had a clear schedule of what has to be done for every shoot that will take place. The equipment, the actors, the editors, and everything involved in the production must be closely supervised to make sure that your message is being translated clearly into the film like you intended it to be.

Analyze statistics.

Once you’ve finished the production, edited it, and published it on your chosen platform, you then have to know how your advert is tracking. Especially on social media platforms, you will have the means to see how many interactions your video gets while on the internet. You can scroll through how many views, likes, comments, and retweets it garners. You get to see the reactions of people and assess how effective your strategy is in promoting your brand. In this step, you may also benefit from being an interactive company that carries conversations and asks for feedback from your audience.


Any business can use video advertisements, but effectively using one to create more engagements can be difficult. Know that the key is thorough research and careful preparation to make it work well in the end. With the listed steps, you should be well on your way to creating a video strategy that is appropriate and entertaining to your target audience.



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