Ways to Lower Your Business Telephone Bills

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Telephone communication is a key component of any business. In many businesses, telephone bills take up a significant portion of the monthly expenses. Therefore, managing these costs may have a positive effect on your overheads. Unfortunately, most people do not know what areas they can examine and what they can do to lower their bills.  Here are a few ways you can reduce your monthly telephone bill while enhancing your communications.

Bundle up Telephone and Internet Services

Most business phone solution providers in Miami, Florida also offer IT and Internet services. While your business can get each of the services from different providers, it is a lot cheaper when you purchase all the services as a bundle. By bundling telecom and IT services, most businesses realize up to 10 percent savings on their monthly bills.

Consider Voice over Internet Protocol

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provides greater telephone savings for any business, whether large or small. First, VoIP allows free calls within the company and other branches of your business. Your teams in the field can also use SIP clients on their phones to communicate with the office free, as well as receive calls as if they are at their desks. This cuts off up to 15 percent of your telephone bill. Transitioning to IP telephony is not expensive; it does not require an overhaul of the existing telephone system.

Remove the Features That You Do Not Need

Look at the features of your telephone service versus what you really need for your business. For example, if you are serving the local area, you do not need a telephone contract with long-distance calls service. It is cheaper to pay for any long-distance calls as you go. Check any other billed services that you do not really need and drop them from your contract.

Business callsTake Cost-cutting Measures in the Organization

A significant portion of calls is made to friends and family, which should not be paid by the company. Unfortunately, there is no way you can differentiate business calls from calls to friends. You can still set call limits to different departments as per their nature of work. For example, the sales teams would need to make more calls than back-office staff members. Therefore, they should have higher monthly limits. Ensure that you communicate the decision to employees stating the need to cut costs.

Consolidate Billing

If you have a few branches and different types of telephone services that you use every month, consolidate all bills into a single bill. This offers you good visibility of your telephone costs and reduces the administration costs involved in settling each of the bills. Visibility also helps you know when telephone bills have gone up significantly.

Cut Telephone Bills with Technology and Planning

It is easy to cut 10 to 20 percent or more of your monthly telephone bills by taking advantage of new telephone technologies and executing cost-cutting measures in the business. Be on the lookout for cheaper offers on the market and bring your employees on board when implementing cost-cutting measures.

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