Why and How to Travel with Your Pet

travelling with a dog
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Many people have begun acknowledging the fact that pets aren’t just pets anymore. They’re emotional support for some, while they’re an assistant to others. It simply cannot be denied that pets are friends—real friends that enrich and add meaning to our lives. Being with our pets is a fulfilling experience. We sometimes think if we can bring them wherever we go.

As busy people, we often find ourselves in boarding areas between flights, traveling cross-country, sometimes even abroad. During these times, pet owners often wonder how their beloved furry friends are doing. Even if they are left with trusted friends or pet-sitters, it’s hard to feel at ease when our pets aren’t with us. We’d feel better if we would just bring them along our trip. But is it really worth the hassle?

Yes, it’s worth the hassle.

Traveling with your pets offers peace of mind. You spend more time with your pet, and you get to travel and see things together. This will prevent you from feeling lonely on the train or airplane. With your furry friend with you, you’ll never get bored.

Going on a trip with your dog or cat can be beneficial to both of you. Having a pet with you can provide an added sense of security when you’re in a new environment. Being in a new environment can also be helpfully stimulating for your pet. Our four-legged companions are also known for reducing our anxiety. That’s perfectly helpful whenever we’re going somewhere for emotionally motivated reasons.

Also, going out for walks or a morning jog is a great exercise for you and your pet. There are a lot of reasons it’s worth traveling with your pet, but simply put, it can make you happy. That’s enough reason to bring your pet wherever you go despite the hassle that comes with doing so.

Things to Remember

man playing with dogIf you often travel, here is a checklist of things to keep in mind when bringing your pet with you.

  • Talk to your establishment

Make sure to check how pet-friendly airlines, trains, or any establishments you’re planning to use are. Pull up their website and see if they have any regulations regarding animal travel. For airlines, check if they will allow you to have your pet beside you in the cabin. For hotels, make sure to ask whether they need papers of your pet’s vaccines. Also, be sure if they will allow your specific pet. There are instances where they don’t allow an animal past a certain size. If their online information doesn’t indicate anything about pets, try their calling their 0800 number. Having personnel talk to you can clarify a lot of questions you may have. However, don’t let this bother you very much as most services are now pet-friendly. Even companies that traditionally didn’t allow pets are now slowly accepting travelers bringing their canine or feline friends with them.

If you’ve found the right establishment, consider sticking with them to build or maintain a long-term relationship with them. This will help you consistently get good service, which is very important when traveling with your best friend.

  • Talk to your vet

Pay a visit to your vet before you even plan your travels, as it might be necessary to get a travel health certificate for your pet. Once your pet is cleared, you’ll be reassured that your pet can safely share your adventures. You also need to get them used to the carrier, as suddenly putting them in a carrier on the day of your flight will cause too much stress. You can ask your vet whether you need a specific kind of carrier for your pet, or if they need an anxiety vest to help with adjusting.

Other Preparations

Be sure to have enough food and water, as well as other things your pet will need. It’s best practice to bring a bit more than what you expect your pet will consume—the last thing you want is to run out of your best bud’s favorite food in a place you’re not familiar with. After traveling, it’s best to de-stress your pet in case they feel jet lag or any stress.

Of course, if you have frequent and short business trips, it might not be wise to always lug your pet around. It’s best to take your pets on relaxing trips, like a vacation to an island or a visit to a far-away family. Talk to your vet about the risks of pet travel and be conscientious of how you treat your pets. Traveling with your pet is sure to bring you happiness, only if you know what you’re doing.

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