Why the Hiring Process Might Just Be the Most Important Aspect of Running a Company

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Do we all agree that the hiring process is the most important aspect of business management? What chance does a company have if it employs the wrong people? Your employees are the main factor why your business is standing up today amid a pandemic. They are the ones who face customers, produce the items needed, and transact the services demanded from them. They work to retain customers and make sure they are satisfied with the services that they can deliver. Your employees are the most important part of this well-oiled machine you run.

But the question is, how do you end up with these employees? So many companies have worked with different recruitment firms only to end up with the wrong kind of talent. The company suffers when employees are incompetent and unproductive. When they leave before their contract ends, the business stands to lose thousands of dollars; sometimes, much more than they would pay that employee.

That’s why every company needs to streamline the hiring process. Companies need pre-employment skills testing to make sure they are hiring the right people for the job. The process of hiring people is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Every job interview should be different. Assessments vary depending on the skills your company needs for the position.

Finding the Right People

You might be intent on hiring someone whose web design work you admire. The question you need to ask yourself, however, is if this person fits the culture of your company. Do you run a tight ship? Are you offering flexible working hours? You need this person to be okay with the policies and rules in the company. If you are going to hire someone because of their skills without thinking if they will fit your company’s culture, then you’re in for a treat. It’s going to be a bumpy road.

No matter how good a person is in doing his job, if he doesn’t arrive on time, participate in meetings, and collaborate with others, you are going to have a hard time managing the business. More than skills, talent, and accomplishments, you have to find out if the candidates will fit your company’s culture.

Finding the right talent for your business isn’t just about hiring the best people for the job skills-wise. It’s about finding the people who have the skills and the attitude for the kind of workplace you run. That’s why your hiring process should involve assessing their attitude, personality, and work ethic.

Managing Expectations

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Don’t forget that the hiring process is much about the candidate as it is about your business. Sure, you’re looking for a talent that fits your company, but the candidates are also looking for a company that fits their personalities. If your office is too stiff and formal, someone with a carefree personality might not want to work with you, regardless of the great compensation package you offer.

It is also in the hiring process that you can start managing expectations. How much does the candidate hope to receive? Are the candidates expecting a raise after a year? When are you going to evaluate them for a raise or promotion? It’s important to thresh these details out. You don’t want employees to spend a year or two in your company, then feel unappreciated because of the lack of career improvement. Be very clear with them about where your company stands and what you can offer them.

Clearing out Misunderstandings

Promises made during the hiring process can backfire significantly. How many leaves can the employees take in a year? Is the company going to pay them for the unused vacation leave at the end of the year? Can they take time off when their children are sick? Sometimes, employers tend to promise things they can’t really fulfill because they want the candidate to sign that job offer.

This is why a contract exists. Take time during the hiring process to discuss the employment contract. Make sure that there are no ambiguities in the contract. You and the candidates should have zero questions by the time the contract is signed. Encourage the candidates to ask as many questions as they can think of about their roles in the company. It is so much better to clear these things out during the initial meeting than deal with them when the employees begin working in the company.

Streamlining the hiring process takes time. It also requires the effort of everyone in the company. Ask your current crop of employees about their suggestions and opinions. Also, it is wise to work with a recruitment specialist to help you come up with the right procedures in looking for and hiring the people your company needs.

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