Winter Exercises You Can Try for Your Pets’ Health

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Not one sane, normal thinking person looks forward to exercising during wintertime. Most of us want to sit in our favorite comfy chair and do absolutely nothing but read a good book or binge-watch on Netflix, sipping a nice warm cup of cocoa.

It’s a delightful thought, isn’t it? So why ruin it with exercise?

However, no matter how ideal not exercising is during the winter for most of us, it is still something that we should do to stay healthy and strong. This isn’t just for us, but if you have a dog in your home, this is also good for them.

Despite the freezing temperature outdoors, it is still important for your furry friend to exercise during winter. The more exercise they get, the more energy and calories they burn, the less they end up becoming overweight and having the winter blues.

So, even if you can’t find anyone who can do private dog training or dog classes near you, you can always do some of the things we listed below to keep your dog in great shape this season.

Exercises to Do with Your Dog this Winter

  1. Morning Walk

Regardless if it’s sunny and dry or cold and wet, your pet will need to go outside at some point in the day. Not only is the morning sun good for both of you, but the warmth it brings (depending, of course, on the weather) also makes walks outside a lot more bearable in cooler temperatures.

  1. Interval Walk

If you’ve already somehow established a routine of walking with your dog outside, good for you. Why don’t you make your daily walk a bit more interesting, intense, and fun by taking it up a notch and do some interval training, instead?

Do the following:

  • 1-minute walk
  • 20-second jog
  • 1-minute walk
  • 20-second side shuffles
  • 1-minute walk
  • 20-second backward run/jog

Do this 5 times, and you already have a good 20-minute workout that your pet will also enjoy.

  1. Fetch Races

Exercise doesn’t have to be such a chore if you know how to make it fun and enjoyable for both you and your furry family. Playing fetch with them is fun for them, but you can turn up the fun factor by racing with them as they run off to fetch the object you threw.

  1. Dog Tag

Another fun way of exercising with your pet is getting a game of dog tag going. You can do this indoors if you have enough room but doing this outdoors is a lot better and fun. You can start by tagging your dog and have them chase you around. When he or she catches up to you, you then switch it up and do the chasing. It’s fun, and it’s sure to get your heart pumping.

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  1. Fetch Tease

Do you want to take it up a bit? Try a few rounds of fetch tease with your pet. Get on the floor and do some crunches. As you go up, pretend to throw a ball or toy a few times to get your dog worked up. After a few sit-ups, throw the toy for your pet to fetch. Keep the interval at three to five crunches so that he won’t lose interest in the game.

  1. Dog Stairs

If you don’t want to go outdoors because it’s too cold outside, you can still work out with your pet by going up and down the stairs. Put a leash on your dog and go up and down with them. You can take two steps at a time, jog, or go sideways to have some variety. Just be extra careful, so you don’t end up in an accident.

  1. Squat Tease

Similar to the fetch tease, you’re just incorporating a doggie game into your own workout. As you do a few reps of squats, tap your dog with the toy and bring the toy above your head as you rise. Have them jump and reach for the toy and make them catch it after every few reps.

  1. Skijor

For those who don’t know, skijoring is a combination of mushing and cross-country skiing, which makes for the ultimate winter workout for both dogs and owners. Although this might not be something you can do daily, try to work it into your schedule sometime so you can experience the thrill.

  1. Doga

Doga is just a fancy name for dog yoga. It’s a great way to relax and stretch for both you and your pal. Most people who practice doga feel the health benefits and appreciate the connectedness to their dog that the exercise brings.

  1. Freestyle Dancing

Some dogs are just born extra talented. If your pup can bust a move or two while you’re watching a few music videos or listening to some upbeat tunes, get off your seat and have a dance-off with your pet. It’s a great and fun way to get some exercise and pass the time.

So don’t sit this one out and be a good pal to your dog by taking them out regularly for exercise. It’ll do both of you plenty of good.

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