3 Factors that Determine the Best Wedding Venues in NYC

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Choosing a wedding venue isn’t as simple as picking the grandest place or booking the most picturesque location. Yes, aesthetics play a major role in the overall atmosphere of a wedding reception. But the wedding designer can also easily alter the ambiance to match the couple’s theme and color scheme.

When it comes to choosing a wedding venue, everything boils down to functionality. For simplicity’s sake, especially during destination weddings, some couples would prefer their engagement party venue and wedding reception to be in the same location. This makes logistics easier for the wedding party.

The ideal venue is also based on other factors like the couple’s overall vision, their guest list, and the budget. It’s important to discuss these with the planner before anything else.

Have a Clear Vision

This might seem like it’s stating the obvious but it’s best to get started with a clear vision of the wedding aesthetics. A modern wedding would typically be in an indoor space like an art gallery or other locations that are large enough to accommodate the wedding party and the guests. On the other hand, a rustic wedding typically has natural elements. So, an outdoor venue, like a ranch or a park, is more ideal.

Harmony between the theme and the location will amplify the atmosphere during the wedding day.

And because it’s a topic that cannot be avoided, this vision should also include COVID-19 precautions. Couples that don’t intend to postpone their wedding should consider social distancing and other health measures when envisioning their wedding reception. It’s also important to ask about what venues are allowed to do to keep their guests safe and consider whether that works with the vision.

Travel restrictions are also another thing to consider when the initial plan was a destination wedding.

Check the Guest List

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Before choosing a venue, it’s important to know how many guests are invited. After finalizing the guest list and knowing the initial headcount, that’s when it’s safe to look for a venue that can accommodate them.

Because of the pandemic and despite the availability of vaccines, couples can still expect a smaller guest count. Some people, especially those who are more vulnerable, would rather send their gifts instead of risk their health. Or if the wedding has a livestream, many of them might opt to watch that instead. As a result, the wedding venue might not need to be as spacious as it was initially needed to be.

It’s also important to check the facilities and whether they cater to the guests’ needs. For example, is the location disabled-friendly? Is it easily accessible? Does it have enough parking space for the guests?

Weddings are a celebration of two people’s union. At the same time, they’re a celebration for the couple’s family and friends. So, make sure to check whether the venue is also comfortable for the invited guests.

Stay within the Budget

Finally, the most important thing to consider is the budget. The guest list might be smaller but the venue might need to be bigger, in compliance with CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19 prevention. Venues, along with catering and florists might also require premiums due to the current situation. For this reason, it’s best to re-visit the budget if the initial budgeting was done before considering the pandemic.

Some venues provide full wedding services and in-house catering. Others require the couple to bring in their own catering team, décor team, and vendors to take care of the reception. The total price of these options should be included which venue lets the couple get their money’s worth.

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events. Nevertheless, it’s important to stay within the budget and prioritize the functionality of the venue.

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