Becoming a Great General Contractor: The Necessary Skills and Qualities

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General contractors are experts in the construction, renovation, or remodeling of residential or commercial buildings. They are in charge of different aspects of construction, including getting work permits, hiring and arranging the work schedule of subcontractors, and supplying materials and other deliveries for the project.

Because of the many functions a general contractor fulfills, hiring a contractor when handling construction projects is often better.

Why You Must Hire a General Contractor

Forbes shares five reasons why homeowners are encouraged to hire a contractor. According to the website, doing so is more time and cost-efficient. Homeowners can have more peace of mind, knowing that their hired contractor is doing it right.

General contractors can help clients immensely because they have expertise in the industry; they know where to source suitable materials and have already established partnerships with these sources. Moreover, they know exactly the right subcontractors to hire, whether an electrician or a plumber.

Since contractors usually already know the subcontractors and architects working on the project, it is easier to collaborate. They are also knowledgeable in construction management, and they can easily arrange a schedule that will work for everyone in the time. Furthermore, contractors handle the payment for the laborers, so clients need not worry about it.

The Washington Post further shares that it can be more costly to be one’s contractor than hire an experienced one. Due to inexperience, a homeowner trying to do a DIY remodel or renovation may spend more on materials than a professional contractor will. At the same time, it can be exhausting for homeowners who may have to go to different stores just to find a more affordable item.

This will not happen when you hire a contractor because they already know where to source the material you need. They will probably have more discounts as well because of established partnerships with brands.

Undeniably, hiring a general contractor is wise for residential and commercial property owners. However, one must not just hire any contractor, but the best of the best.

Becoming a Good General Contractor

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According to statistics, there are around 36,310 general contractors in the US. To stand out in the market, these contractors must possess qualities that guarantee longevity in the business.


A contracting company is only as good as its leader. An effective leader must have a natural talent, combined with an insatiable drive to succeed in the industry. One must never stop learning, especially in a constantly changing world.

A good leader must be open to learning and adapt to new technology and innovation; this is crucial in staying ahead of the game. Moreover, a leader’s drive, skills, and knowledge must be passed on to their employees. They must encourage and motivate employees to be part of the company’s success.

Fostering a positive workspace

The retention of employees and attraction of new hires largely depend on the working conditions within a company. Millennials, in particular, are attracted to companies that fit their vision and those that have transparency, teamwork, and positive leadership.

As the industry is booming, it is vital to have a positive working environment now more than ever. This is important in supporting employees who may be under stress and pressure during a busy time.

Continuing education

Continuing education is essential in getting ahead of the competition. Getting a continuing education is getting certifications that increases a contractor’s credibility. More likely, contractors with more certifications will be chosen by more clients.

Having more certifications shows that a contractor is qualified and has the certified skill set to accomplish the gob. Moreover, staying updated and knowledgeable shows clients initiative. It is a sign that a contractor is driven to improve and has the motivation to serve its clients better.

Because of the importance of continuing education, enrolling in a contractor school is essential to becoming a leading contractor.

Strategic business planning

Strategic business planning is the process of setting a target to lead a company to its path to success. It is essentially a vision with fleshed-out steps to achieve this vision. A strategic business plan involves leaders as well as employees.

Employees can be informed of the business plan through regular meetings; in these meetings, leaders and employees can share objectives, action items, milestones, responsibilities, and timelines.

Involvement and Drive

To be a leading contractor, one must have involvement and drive. A contractor should involve both leaders and employees in the company’s goals, mission, and vision. Through involvement and engagement, both employees and leaders will be driven to succeed in the company.

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