Workplace 101: Boosting Employee Morale and Motivation

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Employee morale — it is that extra kick that helps employees stay positive, showing up to work every weekday. In this modern-day and age, boosting employee morale and motivation is more than just placing snacks in the breakroom or doing ice-breakers during staff meetings.

The management must evaluate engagement practices and proactively foster a company culture that prioritizes employee happiness and productivity.

If your organization has a hard time keeping employees engaged and motivated, then you are not alone. In fact, research has shown that over 100,000 employees quit their jobs every day, causing companies to lose billions on productivity and hiring costs.

The Effect of Positive Employee Morale

The number one effect of high employee morale and motivation in the workplace is productivity and work efficiency. Employees who genuinely enjoy the office environment are more likely to enjoy doing their job resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

Secondly, companies gain a competitive edge when their employees have high morale.

It is inevitable in the business world that your company would face certain crises along the way. But by having motivated employees, you can easily pull through. Workers who value their jobs and the company would strive hard to alleviate any drastic issues your company might be experiencing.

Lastly, positive and high company morale helps you attract and retain top talents. Especially with the younger workforce, positive company culture is a high motivation for them to stick around and remain loyal to the company.

Why There Is Low Employee Morale in the Workplace

Several reasons cause low employee morale in the workplace. Some of them include:

  • Lack of growth. Workers need to experience personal growth as much as the company does. When your organization is not growing, your employees will easily get bored and unmotivated.
  • Lack of clarity. Not knowing what is expected of you or your purpose can leave you feeling less motivated to give your best. This is what your employees feel if you do not set clear and realistic goals for them.
  • Leadership issues. It often happens that poor leadership drives employees to feel less motivated. Thus, it is crucial for those in the leadership position to understand that their behavior can significantly impact the team.

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How Companies Can Boost Employee Morale & Motivation

1. Transparency Is the Key

Transparency is the key to boosting employee morale. Refrain from hiding any problems or avoiding any conversation concerning the company with your employees. Though most employers prefer it to keep morale high, it only leads to the exact opposite.

Learn to open up with your team about any issues in the company that needs to be fixed. Your workers are likely to give you more respect because of your honesty.

2. Establish Strong Communication Lines

An open communication line fosters a positive work culture, which will significantly help lead your company to success.

Build a nurturing environment where your employees can exchange ideas more openly and genuinely. Make your employees feel that they are heard and that their opinions truly matter. Do not forget to recognize and validate a worker’s idea, which your company has put into practice.

3. Establish Team Morale Outside of Work

More than you know, your employees are actually your second family. As a family, you nurture your relationship and learn more about each other on a personal level.

Encourage your employees to bond and develop good inter-team relationships with each other. You can do this through fun activities outside of work hours, like holiday parties and weekend picnics. Allow them to bring their family members or friends to emphasize this familial feeling.

By forming personal connections, your employees will feel more comfortable and more motivated to give their best for the company.

4. Offer Small Gesture of Kindness

Never underestimate the littlest of things. Gifts, no matter how small they are, can produce a positive impact on employee morale. It can be anything from an online delivery lunch treat to homemade Christmas gift baskets.

Let your employees know you care about them and that you also pay attention to the details of their lives. Celebrate with them milestones from birthdays to anniversaries, from weddings and births.

Employees who feel a strong connection with the company are more likely to stay loyal no matter what.

When you recognize your workers have low morale and motivation, it is time to take a stand before things go out of hand. High turnover rates, lesser collaboration, and smaller conversations are just tell-tale signs that your company suffers from low employee morale and motivation.

With these notes and tips, though, may your company figure out a way to increase these crucial aspects.

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