Does It Pay to Look Good This Pandemic? The Answer Is Yes!

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When you are in the middle of a pandemic, looking good might be the last thing on your mind. It sounds not only costly but also unnecessary.

In reality, you can benefit from a quick trip to a hair salon these days. These reasons might convince you:

1. Self-care Lifts You Up

Even the World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes that more people are dealing with pandemic fatigue. Hunkering down for months with limited social contact eventually wears you down. So does following ever-changing protocols.

Further, many employees are forced to work from home most of the time. It is a setup they are not familiar with, making it difficult for them to adjust or even separate personal and professional lives.

The mounting burnout can be detrimental in the long run. It damages both physical and mental health and significantly reduces a person’s compliance with health protocols. Because of this, self-care has never been this important.

Looking good is one method. Putting on makeup and dressing well can boost your feelings of happiness and gives you some sense of normalcy. As long as the restrictions are easing and salons follow health rules, an appointment with them for a haircut can already do wonders for your mood.

2. Feeling and Looking Attractive Can Bring In More Business

Because of the pandemic, you might have lost your job or clients. Either way, money is getting tighter. You need to close deals ASAP. Being attractive could help.

According to many studies, attractiveness can increase your potential income. A psychologist at the University of Texas once revealed that a good-looking person could earn $1.69 million after four years at $20 an hour. An average-looking one, meanwhile, could pocket at least $200,000 less.

Attractive real estate brokers are also more likely to bring in more money than their average counterparts. Economists learned that beautiful people could make at least 12% more money than others.

Being and feeling beautiful also promotes the halo effect. This is when people associate positive attributes with those who look better. They often view these individuals to be more confident, more sociable, and even smarter.

3. Taking Care of Yourself Reduces Health Risks

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The effects of looking good are not only skin deep. It can even reduce your risks of diseases, including COVID-19.

For one, it can decrease your feelings of stress. Higher stress levels, especially when they occur for prolonged periods, can increase the odds of low-grade inflammation. It hurts your immune system, lowering your defenses against infections.

Second, it promotes mindfulness. It can encourage you to take stock of your unhealthy habits and replace them with healthy ones. You become more conscious of the food that you eat or find more time to exercise.

Looking good does not have to break the bank. You do not even have to do it all the time. However, you can make it a priority to help you deal with the brunt of the pandemic. Who knows, it can even open opportunities for more growth and self-love later.

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