From Ho-Hum to Whoa: Marketing to Make a Simple Item Exciting

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One thing that makes boring products non-appealing is the way most brands market them. Understandably, not all companies and brands are like Apple or Nike that can come up with the most interesting ways to market their products. They’re ultra-creative and have a lot of resources to tap into to get the best people on board their marketing campaigns.

But what about other businesses who are not as fortunate to have the seemingly limitless resources the bigger multinationals have? Is there a way to make products like a doorknob, drill parts, or washers look more interesting and appealing to its consumers?

The truth is, not a lot of companies have flashy and fun products. But in most cases, these simple, mundane, and boring items are vital in making the world go round.

Marketing a Simple Product to Generate Excitement

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Tip #1: Bring the benefits and advantages to the forefront.

If your company produces simple things such as a bolt, toothpick, bearings, or hairpins, there is a way to talk about your product without making people go to sleep, instead of talking about the product details and specs. Focus on the benefits and advantages. Talk about why people need them, instead of telling them what materials were used to manufacture them. The moment you shift your audience’s attention to the benefits, you’ve got them where you want them to be.

Tip #2: Keep things simple and focus on the essential.

Another thing that a lot of companies do is focus on the complexities of their products. They probably think that they need to hype their products up a bit to make it more sophisticated. But the thing is, even if you do have a complex product, that’s not a reason that you can’t keep your marketing strategies simpler so that people find it easier to understand.

Don’t go too much into the details. Keep it simple. What’s important is you communicate why people need your product. If they get lost in translation, then that means you’re marketing approach is too complicated.

Tip #3: Give it the visual treatment.

If you have products that aren’t much to look at, there are ways to work around it to make it visually appealing. Try putting your background in settings that will make it pop out like a colourful setting or somewhere that has really clean lines and no clutter at all. Don’t be afraid to use images, videos, memes, infographics, and other visual treatments to show your product in a different light.

Tip #4: Go viral with humour.

One of the best ways to increase brand awareness and sell products is the use of humour. It may be risky because getting humour right is a bit tricky, but if you nail it, then the payoff is worth the risk. One thing you have to remember when using humour is not to go overboard. Otherwise, it may turn people off and drive them away from your brand, which totally defeats the purpose of your marketing.

So while your products may not be as sleek and sexy as Apple’s, it’s okay. You need to work a bit harder at making your marketing tactics more exciting and engaging. A little creativity is all you need.

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