Ways to Retain Your Young Adult Employees Who Want to Quit

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Employment has always been competitive regardless of the generation. But it seems to be more challenging in today’s world. A lot of employment issues are being raised. This causes more and more employees to notice what’s lacking in their employers. Those are the things that you need to address.

The working generation nowadays seems to be more concerned about their working condition. This is the perfect time for you and your employees to discuss with your people as an employer. This is important since reports say that Gen Z and millennial workers lead the latest resignation spree from work. It’s something that employers must take note of.

In case you noticed a surge of young employees quitting, it’s an excellent opportunity for you to hear them out. Helping people stay is more sustainable than hiring new ones as a replacement. Here are some tips to help you with the employee retention of your young adult staff.

Hear Their Thoughts

You might have been used to employees who don’t like to express how they feel to their employers. But it’s a different case for millennials and Gen Z workers. Young adults of today’s generations are more vocal. Most will voice out their opinions if they’re experiencing inconvenience. It’s the best time for you to hear their thoughts.

Let them raise significant issues in the workplace that bother them. There might be ones that you aren’t aware of. Heed their complaints and see if they’re rational. Taking inputs from these employees will mean so much to them. But what matters is if you’re able to execute resolutions for the problems they raised. Their opinions are important. This isn’t just for their retention, but also for your company’s improvement.

Check Their Satisfaction

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One thing you have to assess is your employees’ satisfaction. There’s a lot of factors that can make your employees leave your company. But one factor that you need to look into is their wage. Many employees think that they deserve more than what you pay them. You know that practically speaking, you can’t give in to that. You have to see if your company can support the proposition. This is why it’s crucial to set proper wages right before hiring people.

Aside from this, you should also ensure that your HR team properly lay out benefit plans. See if you can offer 401(k), if you’re ACA compliant, or if your health insurance is good enough. Competitive health and benefit protections can make employees stay for an extended period.

Review Work Culture

If your young adult employees have a resignation spree, there’s definitely a problem. You might not know, but it can be in their work environment. Sometimes, work culture can be a little demeaning to younger employees. This is rooted in the notion that the older you get, the better you perform at work. You have to break this culture that underestimates young adults’ performance.

Make sure to train all your employees about respect among each other. Let them know that they’re all there because they’re qualified for the job. Promote a diverse work environment where equal opportunity for everybody is strongly supported.

Examine Engagements

The urgent need to get paid makes young adults take on jobs regardless of compatibility. While this can provide immediate income for them, it might not be a viable career option in the long run. A Gallup survey revealed that 55 percent of their millennial respondents aren’t engaged in their jobs or company. This is one of the reasons why young adults tend to jump to another job frequently. Now, your task is to prevent this from happening.

If your employee has problems connecting their skills to their current job, you might want to address that difficulty. See if you can transfer them to another assignment that’s more related to their passion. Some employees just want to get more fitting responsibilities for them. Try to see if you can do something about it. It’ll be easier than to let go of an employee that performs well.

Ensure Career Growth

The employment world is sadly known for career uncertainties and doubts. Young adults only want to secure their future. If you can ensure their career growth in your company, you can make them stay with you. You can’t just promise career growth. Employees must see you practicing it. They also have to see that the people you’re honing for leadership are the deserving ones.

This can make young employees pursue more and work smarter. Young adults are productive, especially if they’re goal-oriented. Show them that it’s possible to reach their goals within their stay in your company. That’s the best way to earn their loyalty and retain them if they’re planning to leave.

All these tips boil down to getting your company to adopt an employee-friendly environment. Give your young employees a lot of reasons to stay with you. Young employees have a lot of aspirations. If you can support them in reaching their goals, they’d surely appreciate it.

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