Marketing Fails When Connection Deviates From Engagement

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On paper, none will deny that the most basic functions associated with marketing include advertising a company’s products and services to the public while promoting their brand image to convert warm leads into paying customers. However, if you’re understanding and definition of marketing is limited to these two processes alone, then you’re holding your company back from accomplishing so much more because real marketing focuses on connecting with people and driving back engagement to the company.

You see, although traditional marketing principles will lead you to believe that results, conversions, and sales are the only things you should account for and gauge the success of a marketing plan, digital marketing has evolved and transformed alongside the changing demands of consumers. And despite several insights and advice still effective in this modern-day, there’s more to an effective marketing plan than just going by the numbers and treating your strategy as a collection of raw data.

Marketing Is More Than Just A Numbers’ Game

Sure, numbers matter, trends support forecasts, and graphs based on actual evidence won’t lie to you, but advertising and promoting a company’s products and services shouldn’t only reflect what the numbers say because that’s only half of the story. Companies must read in-between the lines and discern which course of action will not only provide the most future economic benefit but also provide the most value to their target demographic. And while that answer may seem like the obvious choice, it doesn’t always align with what the numbers are trying to point out.

  • Successful Strategies Concentrate On Connection: There’s a reason why social media marketing is booming, and besides the fact that it provides access to millions of users at a click of a button, it’s also one of the only platforms that concentrate on connecting with people. Unlike traditional marketing that focuses on reaching as many consumers as possible, successful strategies today value the connections made with their customers. And whether it’s through an influencer or a visual ad campaign, it all falls back to interacting with the people that support your business.
  • When Graphs Fall Short, People Rise To Action: Volatile markets are nothing to scoff at, but if there’s one thing we can all agree on, then it’s the evident risk of volatility skewing graphs and making analyses feel worthless. However, the one thing market volatility cannot influence and persuade completely are people, and in the face of uncertainty, loyal customers will manage to rise to action. Of course, we can’t expect everything to be sunshine and rainbows, but customer bonds built on trust don’t break that easily.


Expand Your Understanding And Engage With Your Audience

Given the reasons mentioned above, it’s clear that companies must shift their marketing perspectives from product-centric frameworks to more customer-centric views that specialize in creating value through engagement. And to accomplish this pivot, we recommend (1) revisiting the needs of the customer, (2) allocating more resources to building brand image, and (3) conducting a comprehensive review on customer satisfaction.

#1 Going Above And Beyond Their Needs

Firstly, an effective marketing plan must accurately highlight the needs and demands of the target audience to be successful. For example, when promoting fat reduction treatments, businesses should highlight the features that matter the most to their consumers, such as the type of treatment, invasiveness, post-treatment downtime, and the packages they offer. Furthermore, companies can opt to go above and beyond their needs by investing in features that will increase comfort and quality of life for their audience to both increase competitiveness and show care for their customers.

#2 Building Your Brand Image And Accountability

Secondly, another essential step to connecting with more people through your marketing plan is by building your brand image and accountability in today’s business climate. Nowadays, customers and clients don’t just jump the gun with the first company they discover through a Google search because performance and customer service matter. So, we strongly recommend establishing an online presence ASAP and networking with like-minded business partners and key figures that will bolster your brand identity.

#3 Review Customer Feedback And Satisfaction

Last but not least, don’t forget to conduct a comprehensive review of customer feedback and satisfaction because this will give you direct access to what your audience needs from your product and service. Remember, engagement and connection are supposed to empower your decisions, and acting on the voices and recommendations of concerned clients is one of the best ways to show your seriousness in providing value. Plus, it never hurts to innovate and develop better products as well.

The Goal Is To Generate Brand Loyalty.

Marketing trends are ever-changing, but if there’s one constant that will never go out of style, then it’s the goal of generating brand loyalty for your company. And if you want to impress your target audience and bring out the best in your products, you must focus on connecting with people more instead of surrounding yourself with nothing but numbers.

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