Professions Related to the Beauty Business

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Most people like to ascribe to the idea that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, the truth of the matter is that beauty still matters and a lot of people are influenced by pretty, wonderful things. It’s not as much as being shallow but staying true to human nature; people love beauty.

This is why no matter what period it is, beauty is important. Businesses focus on the beauty industry, and a lot of people choose a profession related to the industry.

Why should you choose a profession in the beauty industry?

Choosing a profession related to the industry allows one to explore his or her creativity. A make-up artist can experiment with a different mix of colors and use a variety of cosmetic products. A hairstylist, on the other hand, can explore different looks that suits a person’s face and personality.

Aside from the chance to use one’s creative juices, having a career in the industry also provides services to people. Providing these services can pamper and make people happy. Having a stunning new look can change a person’s aura and attitude, and improves one’s self-confidence. Just by simply giving a new hairstyle or an adjustment in one’s fashion choices, experts from the beauty industry can help others land their new job.

Consider these professions that are related to the beauty industry:

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Hair and Makeup Artist

Sometimes, a hairstylist is separate from a makeup artist; some people are talented enough to do both.

A hairstylist is someone who offers different beauty services related to hair including cutting, coloring, and styling. Hair experts can give clients advice as to how to style and even take care of their hair to keep them nourished and looking healthier. Aspiring hairstylists can undergo hair training to update themselves with new hairstyling techniques.

A makeup artist, on the other hand, applies makeup and offers other services related to making the face looking younger and more beautiful. By using colors, a make-up artist can create different moods in a person’s face. Make-up artists can go to different industries including media, photography, theater, fashion, and even mortuary science.

In the United States, there are around 4,800 make-up artists. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics mentions that the industry with the most number of make-up artists is the motion picture industry. It is also the top-paying industry, giving makeup artists an average annual wage of around 111,950 dollars.

There are different reasons why one should choose to become a make-up artist. It is an opportunity to offer one’s talent to make someone feel beautiful. Aside from this, a makeup artist have a lot of opportunities to use their talent and profession in different industries. Aside from the motion picture industry, make-up artists can also offer their services in the wedding industry.

Aside from this, the beauty industry is only predicted to grow even larger. Additionally, as an artist, one can expect to constantly grow in their profession. New trends appear constantly and it is always a great opportunity to learn. At the same time, skills are constantly added with the development and practice of these new trends.


Dermatologists are experts in making the skin, face, and even hair and nails healthy. They are doctors who can check skin conditions and offer solutions to these conditions. Some have other specialties, including surgical or cosmetic dermatology.

A dermatologist can also help in treating a person aging skin, burns, and skin infections like acne. They can provide diagnosis and treatment, as well as management for these conditions.

A cosmetic dermatologist, on the other hand, handles cosmetic procedures. It can be either surgical and non-surgical. Over the years, non-invasive procedures have become a trend, including the application of botox and fillers, as well as hyaluronic acid treatments. Laser hair removals are also part of non-invasive, non-surgical procedures done in a cosmetic dermatology clinic.

Fashion Stylist

A fashion stylist is someone who uses the power of visual aesthetics to create something appealing and fashionable. Fashion stylists usually work with A-list celebrities and high-profile clients who can afford expensive fashion items and pieces.

Included in a fashion stylist’s description is attending runway shows and other events related to the fashion industry. This is to ensure that they are updated with the latest fashion trends. Aside from this, research and referring to old fashion trends is a must, too.

Additionally, a fashion stylist’s responsibility also includes gathering clothes from international labels and sources. A fashion stylist also usually works with models, art directors, and magazine editors to select the right pieces for a creative spread. As a side job, a fashion stylist can also offer his or her services as a personal shopper.

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