Starting a Printing Business From Home

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One may think the value of printed material has decreased over the years due to most things such as documents, photos, books, etc. going digital. However, the printing business is still alive and well. First Research found that the commercial printing industry in the United States has a combined revenue of 81 billion dollars annually. That income is from about 25,000 American printing companies.

The industry profile does not include printing companies that print magazines and newspapers. They were profiled in a different industry.

If you have a printer powerful enough to make a number of outputs under a specified time or would like to invest in one of those types, you are thinking of getting a return on your investment. The best way to do so is to open a printing business from your home.


Where should you start?

In venturing into any type of business, small or big, knowing where to start is always the most difficult part of the journey. You are left with a blank slate awaiting information you have no idea where you will get. Worry not, we are here to provide you with a guide so you can have an idea of what you should do when you are planning to start a printing business from the comfort of your humble abode.

1. Examine the demand

Examining the area where your business will be located for demand in printing is a good way to start. Find out if the venture will have chances of succeeding through patrons in the neighborhood — are they fans of printing or do they prefer digital?

Getting a grip on the demand in the area where your business will be is a good way to ensure that your business will attract customers. If you live in an area with a small population or an area filled with young people who prefer going digital, it is a good idea to find a better location. Better yet, offer your printing services online.

2. Procure the right equipment

If you have examined your area and the results came out saying there is enough demand to power your business, you can go ahead with checking the market for printing equipment. Equipment includes printers of different capabilities, papers, and banners of different sizes, ink, cutter, software, etc.

Make sure you are getting the best quality equipment to be able to deliver quality service — it will be the foundation of your business’s success. You do not want to get bombarded with complaints from clients about the quality of your printing service’s outputs.

3. Create your portfolio

Your clients would want to know who they are dealing with. Building your own portfolio will allow you to showcase your skills, output quality, and trustworthiness. Clients will trust in your services if they see good results from previous work.

If you are coming into the printing business without prior experience, you can volunteer to print out materials for charity organizations. That is a good way to help and to gain relevant experience in the field you are about to take on.

4. Promote your business

Marketing your services is one of the unending tasks you need to accomplish when running any type of business. Promotion needs consistency and the grit to rise against your competitors. The printing industry, like any other industry, is filled with competition — small and big.

But do not let competition scare you into deciding against opening your own printing business. To get noticed by consumers in a sea of printing services providers, you have to show what you can do for them that others cannot.

When is the right time to start?

Whether you are planning to focus your printing services on printing photos, reproducing fine art pieces, producing bulk document copies, or printing for events — it is inevitable for you to feel intimidated by more established and bigger printing businesses.

Your best bet when starting a business of your own is to be ready, think ahead, and find ways to cater to your clients that will keep them coming back for more. The right time could be anytime — the demand for print material will not go away any time soon, even with the popularity of digital everything.

They say timing is essential to businesses, but we believe your readiness is integral to your venture’s success.

People still rely on printed material for important documents, photos, invitations, and art. The industry is very much alive and will be for a long time. You can count on it to be stable for longer than you imagine.

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