Keeping Your Team Safe at All Times

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If you run a business, one of your essential duties is keeping your employees secure and safe at all times. Not only are you required by the law, but it’s also proof that you care for them. Your staff will become more productive if you value and care for them. Besides, it’ll save your company from lawsuits and help develop it. However, despite the safety protocols you’ve implemented, it will not be helpful if your employees don’t follow them.

Encourage your employees to follow the set guidelines to have a safer environment. It’ll lead to a clean atmosphere that teaches them to follow the safety guidelines and speak up about unsafe behaviors and situations. Below are a few safety tips that your staff has to follow to keep everyone safe:

Try to Maintain Correct Posture

Maintaining the correct posture doesn’t just talk about employees who lift heavy things daily. Suppose you’re working at your desk every day. You should also make sure that you maintain the correct posture to reduce the dangers of carpal tunnel, neck pain, and back problems. If you’re someone who lifts heavy things daily as part of your routine, make sure to lift using your legs and keep your back straightly aligned. Don’t abuse your body.

If you’re lifting something heavier than you expected, call a partner or look for a machine that can help you lift it without hurting yourself. You can either use a wheelbarrow or forklift to ensure your body is safe.

Don’t Take Shortcuts on the Job

Managers implement workplace safety guidelines to keep everyone safe, especially those that handle heavy machinery. Follow the instructions on using each machine and tool you’re working with to keep yourself safe. Taking a shortcut while working will only result in injuries. It’s not even worth the short time they might save you. Don’t forget to use the suitable machine that will help complete your job and use it correctly.

Keep Emergency Exits Clear

It’s common knowledge to keep emergency exits free from clutter. You shouldn’t be placing something in front of emergency exit doors, even if it’s just temporary. Most employees tend to store forklifts, trolley carts, or ladders in front of emergency exit doors. You should also clear the areas that lead to emergency shutoffs so that you can immediately switch the power off.

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Implement PPE Use

Find the time to regularly remind your team of the importance of wearing personal protective equipment (PPE). These pieces of equipment can come in the form of a chemical suit or include small earplugs. PPE was designed with your safety in mind, making them the perfect tool to keep you safe while working. On top of that, it’ll keep you safe from any injury, especially if you’re working with heavy machinery or lifting heavy objects.

Talk about Unsafe Behaviors

You can only address a problem if you talk about its root cause. Give your staff the courage to speak up about an unsafe behavior or situation, allowing your employees to become a part of the solution. You’re responsible for building a safe workspace for your staff, so you should address a dangerous situation. Furthermore, your employees must know how to identify that condition. Discuss those problems immediately to keep everyone safe.

Finding a solution that will prevent the same problem down the road is only possible if you work as a team.

Discuss New Safety Protocols

If you’re implementing new guidelines, discuss that with your team. It’s the same case if you buy a new machine or new implement training programs. You’ll have to ensure that everyone understands the latest safety practices that go along with the changes in the office. Train your staff members to ensure they get accustomed to the new measures and guidelines. Make sure to also implement them before using the new machines.

For example, many companies have decided to work from home temporarily because of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you want your team to start working in the office, you should first schedule a COVID-19 PCR test for those who want to work in the office before asking them to come back. It’s a simple step to keep them safe. It’ll also help to ask your employees if they have questions so you can discuss the aspects that they missed or didn’t understand.

Let Your Team Take Short Breaks

Your employees aren’t robots. It’ll be best for their bodies and minds to take regular breaks. Bear in mind that tired workers are more susceptible to injuries and accidents. That’s because they’ll be less aware of their surroundings due to their fatigue, putting them more at risk for injuries.

Let the team take a short break regularly to keep their minds active. If possible, do the more complex tasks in the morning since that’s the time your mind will be more active.

Even if you work with heavy machinery, a desk job, or on the field, there are workplace dangers that you should stay away from. Because of these dangers, you must keep your employees safe. By following the simple ways in this guide, you can promote workplace safety even in these trying times.

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