Three Monster Steps to Master Before Starting Your Building Construction

construction area
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If you’re not familiar with monster steps, you should. Why? Simply because they’re effective. Monster steps are basically steps that use a thick elastic rubber band to restrict your legs. When you do the walking you’ll meet a lot more resistance. In the process, you develop more muscle. It’s still like any other step, no doubt. But since it has far greater consequences, it’s categorized as a monster undertaking.

For your business to grow, you need to do monster steps, steps that leapfrog you forward. Entrepreneurs who braved things it out and started their business in the garage as their office space are fine examples of these. From there they moved to an actual office space. And for some, they got to a point where they had to construct a building for the business. If you are at this point right now there are some things you have to know.

Many people are of the opinion that constructing a building for the business is an easy task. Well, that’s not the case. You will be surprised to find out just how much you need to do to construct a building. There is more to do than just finding land and having a design in mind. Here you will find out in detail the monster steps you need to get your construction right.


Preparation is key in construction. Pre-construction sets the stage for your building to rise. It’s the first phase when it comes to constructing a building. Many people are quite acquainted with this phase. In fact, many people think this is the only phase when it comes to constructing a building. Sadly, that simply is not the case.

In this phase, you need to secure an apt piece of land where you could put up your building. Needless to say, finding a suitable lot is one of the most important steps.

Choose the location of your choice for the business. Make sure you put accessibility into the picture when choosing a location. Also, make sure that the location is a natural magnet for future customers.

To achieve such goals, In doing this you can go through the web for quick results. Or you can get a real estate agent to help out. Each method has its own pros and cons. Combining both methods can produce astounding results.

After getting the land then you need to get a good architect. It is the job of the architect to help out with the design of the building. Let the architect know the things you want and the picture you have in mind.

Also, open your mind to timely advice from these building professionals. Though they do not make the final decisions, their wealth of experience in construction should be a treasure trove for you.

Know that constructing a building would definitely cost a lot. Putting into documentation the estimate and budget for the building are paramount. For this, you need the services of a building estimator to give you the estimate. That way you have an idea of how much you will spend. This is also where you start looking for fresh funds to finance your endeavor. If you’re short, getting a construction loan should be in order.

Thereafter you have to get the necessary permissions. Ensure that all the documents needed for the land are ready. Do proper land surveying and structural report.

If you’re starting to feel that the construction of a building is tedious, then know you’re right. It’s no walk in the park. But it can be managed. And though you may encounter risks, the rewards can be mindblowing.

Before this phase is done, make sure all documents from the architect are available. These make things are a lot easier for the builder when he comes to the site to start construction.

During Construction

This is the second phase of the construction. This is where most of the work is done. The first step here is clearing the site and leveling. Workers need to get rid of the trees and debris on the site. Then the ground should be leveled.

After leveling, excavation should be done. With the help of excavating machines, rock, earth, and other materials in the ground will be moved. It is important to get a good excavating company with enough experience. That way you are assured the job would be thoroughly carried out.

Then it is at this point that the foundation of the building would be laid. From the moment the foundation is laid, actual construction work begins.

Usually, the floor slab is done first. Then the roof structure. And then plastering of the floor and walls. Then fixing doors, windows, frames, and fixations are next.

Once the building is put in place then external work begins. This involves a lot of aesthetic work such as painting the building. Then doing plumbing and electrical work goes next. After that, the exterior is completed and then internal finishes are done.

Outside, the building boundary wall and gates are done. This is important so that the building stays protected.

construction area

Post- construction

In a way, not so much happens after construction. And yet, there are still a few things that need to be ironed out.

First, there is the punch list. After the completion of the project, the contractor goes around to inspect. The parts that are not constructed well will be fixed.

Then there is the warranty period. This is the period where defects found in the building would have to be replaced or fixed by the contractor.

And there you have it, the monster steps. Truly, construction is like an army of ants working together. And like the queen ant, you provide the field with ample manpower.

The good thing is you would not have to do the construction yourself. Your job would be to get the right people to get the job done. It’s not really hard. Once you master the monster steps mentioned above you should be good to go.

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