Using Art to Your Marketing Advantage in a Visual World

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In an incredibly visual world, everyone needs to find ingenious ways to capture their audience. This is why a lot of visual aids have been integral to the digital marketing of brands.

Not only do images and illustrations help build the appeal and the branding of the company, but they also drive more potential customers and sales. This is why eCommerce marketing services emphasize the importance of creativity paired with data-driven decisions to increase traffic on your page.

You Need to Capture Your Audience—Pronto!

People on the Internet are used to getting things quickly. Google answers their questions in a matter of seconds. If anything loads more than a few seconds, users tend to lose their patience.

In digital marketing, you need to capture your audience, and you need to capture them fast. When you search the average time you gain someone’s attention on a website, you’ll get different answers: 15 seconds, seven seconds, five seconds, two and a half seconds. The bottom line is that you don’t have much time to capture someone’s attention.

People Are Visual

Statistics show that websites with visual aids perform better. With a few seconds to gain someone’s attention, an entire blog article may not do the job. However, if you include visual aids, there’s a bigger chance that a person would consider staying on the page, as data shows that articles accompanied by pictures glean 94% more views.

Today, visuals matter the most. For instance, web design is the make-it-or-break-it basis for 75 percent of consumers’ trust in the brand. Ninety-four percent of visitors also base their first impressions on web design. Hence, visuals are a big investment for brands in the modern age, especially because this is the number one aspect that affects the purchase decision of 92.6 percent of consumers.

Combine Art with Marketing

website designingMarketing is full of decisions. Some are based on instinct while some are fueled by analytics. Because websites perform better with good visuals, these decisions would be great if combined with art.

Getting creative with your advertising materials can be fun. If you’re a small business owner, you can use your own art skills or hire an artist. You can make good use of infographics, illustrations, and photos. There are also readily available online applications that make these easier for you. One example would be Canva, or if you’re more advanced, there’s always Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

No matter which course of action you want to take, here are a few tips to capture people’s attention through your website’s visuals:

1. The Basics of Colors

Have you ever noticed how different kinds of brands use different color palettes? Glossier mainly uses pastel colors to advertise its products to appeal to a younger audience that they target through simple but playful marketing. Another example would be The Ordinary, a brand that is known for straightforward marketing. It uses black and white on everything.

Colors are important to build the personality and the profile of the brand. They trigger emotional responses as well as carry meanings and associations with them that will then be carried on with your brand.

2. Bring Products to Life

Sixty-seven percent of customers prefer to see product images and trust them more than product reviews or descriptions. A 360-degree image helps them recreate the physical shopping experience with the ability to view the product fully. If this isn’t possible, pictures of the brand from different angles should supplement the experience.

Another feature that people want in images is to see them become part of real life. For example, set up soap products in a bathroom setting or ceramic plates in the kitchen. Fashion and lifestyle items would look great with models, taking pictures of watches on a person’s wrist or athleisure on a yogi. These will add depth to your images, especially when uploaded to your Instagram business account.

3. Illustrations

Sometimes, you can be playful with your visuals. Maybe you have an upcoming event to promote your brand or you want to deviate from real-life images. Illustrations allow you to go more out-of-this-world with the design because you’re not constricted with the logistics of photography. Because of this, your website can establish friendliness and communicate your brand with them.

You can commission a trusted artist to illustrate for you. This will not only guarantee the quality of your publication materials but also help local artists get credit for their works.

A bit of art in everything that you do doesn’t hurt. In this case, it’s incredibly advantageous for your business, as it captures people’s attention and brings them to trust your brand. In your next campaign, look into the possibilities of including illustrations, photography, and play around with colors.

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