The Rise of Vlogging, How to Make a Career Out of It

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It was not too long ago when personal videos were done either as a hobby or documentation. But in 2005, the year when YouTube started gaining popularity, it became what is now known as “vlogging”, a shorter term for video blogging. Especially when YouTube provided monetary benefits to content creators. It started to become a career for some. Fast forward to 2021, vlogging as a career has now become part of a list of “what kids want to become when they grow up”.

Since then, the rise to fame of video blogging has become exponential. Research shows that there are more than 4 billion videos viewed on YouTube alone every day. As such, it became attractive to advertisers. This resulted in video bloggers making good money depending on the number of channel subscribers and content views.

A survey shows that out of 100 people, 77 of them prefer watching videos for different purposes. That’s a large 77% from among 100 who were asked about the kind of medium they would prefer to get information from. From news, information, science, and so on, more people would choose to watch a video than read about it.

Here are five reasons more people prefer watching videos (not in any particular order):

To Be Informed

Informative videos from vloggers have one of the top searches on YouTube. May it be news, updates, and current issues. Some vloggers provide awareness about different causes. Some of the more popular topics are COVID-19 Awareness and Bullying. No one can deny the convenience of smartphones. These make access to information easier.

But what made video blogs more popular is the time spent on watching a video compared to reading about it. Many say that watching a 2-minute video saves more time. This is in comparison to 10 minutes of reading about the same topic.

To Be Entertained

It was not too long ago when entertainment either costs money or time. But entertainment-based vlogs are shorter, and they are free. This made apps such as TikTok gain worldwide popularity. Many entertainment vloggers became famous because of their content. Some of them are PewDiePie, Dude Perfect, and HolaSoyGerman to name a few.

To Be Educated

Amazing educational videos are available online. Not only are they academic in nature, but some vlogs teach audiences many “How To’s”. One of the main factors that educational vlogs are popular is by being visual. If you want to learn how to cook, you will not only read about it. You can watch how it is done and then follow each step.

For Health Reasons

The Sars-Cov 2 pandemic shocked the world at the start of 2020. But as weeks go by, Specialists from all over the world provide more and more information about it. Since then, people have found ways to prevent it. And one of the “go-to” sources was video blogs from Doctors and Medical Practitioners.

Many doctors and specialists made vlogging a part of their career. Their vlogs feature prevention and cure. Even myth busters about different sicknesses and diseases. No doubt that these pieces of information are not only valuable but also life-saving.

To Learn Different Cultures

It’s amazing how the internet has brought the world closer. With a tap of your finger, you will learn about different cultures from different countries. Some vloggers became popular by going to different countries. Eating their food, wearing their traditional clothes, and learning their language and traditions. And these are vlogs that gathered millions of views from all over the world. Now different people from different countries can understand each other better.

Here are Tips To Start a Video Blogging Career:

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Invest in Quality Equipment

Quality equipment can be expensive, but you can treat it as an investment, especially if you are planning to make vlogging a long-term career. And when you say quality equipment, it must have clear audio, so viewers can hear what you are saying. And a good video output.

The first thing to consider is your content. If you plan on doing outdoor vlogs, it has a different audio and video equipment set. Get a good camera and a microphone that is suitable for your chosen environment. Remember a video can be edited, but the audio can only be enhanced. So there should be a balance between audio and video output in your equipment.

Create Engaging Content

Remember that audience wants to be engaged. You have to capture their attention and imagination. And you want them to look forward to your next videos. That way, you win their views and subscription. And that’s the start of your vlogging career as the money starts to come in.

For a start, you can also collaborate with other vloggers. Or invite celebrities as your guests. This will boost your views further. And a good way to introduce your channel to the world.

Create Lasting Partnerships

If this is a hobby, then you and a handful of friends are enough. But if you are serious about this, then you have to partner with professionals. To start, you can hire a reliabe digital marketing agency to guide you through your first steps. Some of which are crucial to your content, like your target audience and how to interact with them. Next is to partner with good content writers. Then you can work with a professional video editor and learn how he does it. Knowing that you might do it sometime.

Vlogging as a career is a worthy endeavor. The market may be large and wide, but the competition is slim. It is a battle of content. And even when others have the same content as you, as long as you are engaging, you will win their subscription and views all the time. Your only competition is yourself. target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”

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