WFH Hacks: Why Tennis can be the Perfect Social Distancing Sport for You

tennis racket and balls
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Ever since lockdowns and stay-in-place orders ruled America, sports have been relegated to a less prominent role all over the country, contained to prevent untoward virus spread. But the joys and benefits of playing a good sport are a treasure trove. As such, it cannot be overestimated, most true when safety protocols have limited social events to a bare minimum.

It’s fortunate then that lawn tennis can fill the void. For starters, unlike basketball or baseball, it’s a non-contact sport. Indeed, tennis, a popular sport which evolved from 12th century France, can prove to be the right sport for you in this time of need. Dubbed as a “sports of kings,” lawn tennis sprouted from the original real tennis which had stricter rules. Then, it was played by no less than England’s King Henry VIII (1509 – 1547) and a host of other monarchs. Looking into the merits of lawn tennis can prove to be a lifesaver, granting you play it right.

Benefits of Tennis You Should not Miss

Right off the bat, know tennis has been enjoying renewed popularity during the pandemic. While many sports such as basketball are being limited, tennis seemed to have sprung to life when the virus came to town. Market research shows that only about 6% of the total American population played tennis in the spring of 2019.  Today those numbers are up, over 10% of the total population are actively playing the sport.

And that’s good news.

Tennis increases your repertoire of motions. All the swinging to hit the ball facilitates proper lubrication of your joints, strengthening muscles and tendons in the process. But that’s not all there is to it. All that running and hitting gets you to raise your heart rate and improve your blood pressure. Indeed, when you’re playing tennis, you’re doing cardio exercises at the same time. And that means your metabolic rate goes up when playing tennis, allowing you to breakdown your food into useful energy for your body. As a result, you lower your body fat.

Moreover,  tennis is a good way to have fun and spend time with your family and friends. Even better, no one’s too old or too young to play tennis. It’s suitable for just about every age.

How to Make It Even Safer

playing tennis

To begin with, make sure you have a safe court. As you constantly run after the ball, the court can present a physical danger. For one, surface flaws can lead you to sprained ankles or falls.

If your court is old, getting a resurfacing your tennis court is wise. By doing so, you preserve the integrity of the court and prevent untoward incidents from happening. Further, you should do warm-up exercises before playing the game. This way, you improve your performance and reduce the risks of injury.

Before your team swoops down on your local tennis court, know if your particular state allows the sport. As advisories change every now and then, first-hand knowledge is key. Then, it’s best to disinfect your tennis equipment every post-game. Using more than three balls should also help. Though there is no evidence that coronavirus can be transmitted via a tennis ball, it’s best to steer clear of possible risks.

USTA, America’s top tennis governing body, recommends there should be no high fives and handshakes done during or after a tennis match. And changing of the court should be ditched altogether. This way, you minimize direct contact.

Additionally, long-established safety protocols should be observed. And that means that sanitizing and washing of hands and social distancing. Certainly, all these safety protocols help you. They allow you to enjoy the sport as much as you want to. As long as you want to.

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