Why Good Teeth is Good for Business

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Smile and make an impression. You may not realize it but showing your teeth can be your fastest ticket to success, in business and in your own personal life. It’s true. A new study showed people with “straight teeth” are seen as more successful. Taking good care of your oral health therefore is essential. It sets you apart. Not only does it look good on you but it also plays an essential part in your everyday living.

Fun fact: People are less likely to second-date someone with crooked teeth. That’s telling you, your teeth can chart your dating success in the future. For the most part, our pearly whites help us digest food. It’s our preeminent tool. But as social animals, know that having an appealing appearance has positive effects on your professional career. And all that can start with your teeth.

First impressions last in business. Not taking care of your oral health, therefore, is tantamount to sabotaging yourself, your very success including. Bad breath, for one, could be misconstrued as an insult to the person you’re sharing the space with. Imagine an elevator ride with an investor. Worse, if you are forgetting your oral health it means you are also ignoring your overall well-being, your health.

If all that sounds alarming, fret not. Here are key reasons why attractive teeth can plot your way to success. And how you can make it all happen.

Boosts Self-Confidence

When someone is speaking, we always look at the mouth. That holds true in a job interview or in a corporate meeting with the stockholders. Academy of Academic Dentistry study confirmed your beautiful smile can make you look even more successful.

Thus, a good set of teeth can help boost your self-esteem and confidence. Why? That’s because you won’t have to be overly-conscious about the way you smile and laugh. On the other end, crooked teeth can make you anxious. In short, it destroys your focus. And with that, your overall performance goes down the drain.

The mere act of smiling props you up like no other. It changes blood flow directly to the brain making you feel more contented and happier. When the world sees such an infectious smile, the mood of people around you gets a timely boost.

It’s also for this reason that you should find time to take care of your teeth. Fortunately, affordable dental services should help you in this department. A regular check-up from a trusted dentist can go a long way in avoiding major issues with your teeth. And keeping your pearly whites oozing with confidence.

A Clear Speech

When dealing with business meetings or even hosting your party, a clear speech is a must. Why? Simply because your guests and clients need to be fully engaged when you’re talking right from the get-go.

But crooked teeth can give you a huge disservice. It can cause a speech impediment. It could affect your work performance and self-esteem.

In this regard, Orthodontic treatments should be a big help for speech impediments. ; A host of braces and orthodontic procedures can be timely. Once in order, straight teeth should make a huge difference not only for your self-confidence but also in your speech when facing a client. That way, you climb up the business ladder easily.

An Attractive Smile

Attractive Smile

Individuals who are not so confident with their oral health tend to smile less. This simple act influences and affects your mood and overall success in your career. Your mood reflects your environment and employees. And if they see you as a happy and smiling person they will also do the same.

Know that a smile is a valuable business asset. World-renowned poet Emily Dickinson pointed out a smile though small could be “their necessity”. Studies show a genuine smile, called also the Duchenne smile, closes deals better than being indifferent or putting out a fake one. That said, a genuinely happy smiling face can be a great boost to improve your reach.

Good Breath

A person who is self-conscious with their crooked and stained teeth can easily cover their mouth. But a person with a smelly breath is a different case. In business, it is unavoidable to interact with other people. And with bad breath, it can be a liability.

Even your employees will start avoiding you just because of the smell of your breath. To a large degree, it makes you ineffective.

In fact, 60% of people with bad breath suffer from extreme stress, and many other underlying health problems. That’s why a regular check-up from your dentist is very beneficial not only for your oral health but also for the sake of your company’s success.

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